Childbirth Education

Lamaze class is a comprehensive childbirth education course, explaining the process of labor from start to finish.  This class gives you evidenced-based information to help expectant parents make the best choices for your family as you prepare to welcome your new baby into the world.   

Your Birth Experience Childbirth Preparation Curriculum 
is a comprehensive, customizable childbirth education curriculum designed with YOU in mind. The purpose is to help you envision, prepare for and achieve the birth experience YOU want. Through the Your Birth Experience Parent Guide, and one-on-one sessions with your personal, Certified Instructor, you and your partner will be empowered and equipped for YOUR unique experience.

All classes are interactive and give you a chance to share experiences and concerns with your childbirth educator and other expectant parents, determine your preferences for your birth, and practice labor and pushing positions, as well as other means of staying comfortable. Learn how to have the healthiest pregnancy and the best possible start for your baby. 

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