Placenta Encapsulation
What is placenta encapsulation?

In cultures across the globe, and since the beginning of time, women have been honoring their placentas.  They recognize the organ as the life-giving connection between mother and baby, that it gave their baby everything needed to grow and be ready to transition to the outside world.  Many women choose to have their placentas made into capsules for ingestion following the birth of their baby.

The placenta is thought to retain many of the hormones and nutrients even after the birth, including oxytocin and iron.  There are a number of potential benefits to ingesting these capsules, all of which mean a smoother transition to motherhood.

Potential benefits of placenta encapsulation include:

  • Reduced symptoms of baby blues
  • Increased milk production
  • Decreased postpartum bleeding
  • Replenished depleted iron stores
  • Increased energy after childbirth
  • Happier postpartum period

The Process:  How does this work?

You will bring your placenta home from the hospital. Your postpartum placenta specialist will come to your home to prepare your capsules over the course of two days.  You're welcome to watch and learn about your placenta, or leave her in your kitchen to work.  She's also trained in postpartum support, so you can ask her any questions you have about baby care and the birth process.

Day One:

You postpartum placenta specialist will begin the encapsulation process, ideally within two days of birth.  She comes to your home and prepares to work in your kitchen by sanitizing the space.  She prepares the placenta for the process by cleaning and steaming it.  The placenta goes into the dehydrator, and your postpartum placenta specialist will once again sanitize the work space and put everything back in its place.  The dehydrator continues running, and although your placenta specialist leaves for the day, she is available to answer any questions by phone, text, or email.

Day Two:

Your postpartum placenta returns to your home the following day.  To begin, she cleans your kitchen once more.  She will remove your placenta from the dehydrator, then will grind it and put it into capsules.  She will leave them packaged with instructions on how best to take your capsules.  Of course, she also once again thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the space and puts everything back the way she found it, and you're left with a clean kitchen and your capsules, ready to take.  Even when your postpartum placenta specialist leaves on day two, she is always happy to speak with you and answer any question you may have.  She will continue to support you beyond the pills she leaves on your counter.

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