Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps expectant moms prepare for childbirth and delivery.  It can help alleviate the symptoms and aches associated with pregnancy, such as back pain, tension, swelling, and sleep disturbance.  Practicing yoga during pregnancy has been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety, which has been associated with low birth weight.  Yoga is a strengthening and calming practice that helps pregnant mothers connect with their babies as they prepare to meet their little ones.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga helps new moms as they settle into their new role as mothers.  This practice can help relieve the exhaustion new mothers often feel, and it can assist them as they recover from childbirth.  Postnatal yoga helps moms slowly rebuild their practice, as they strengthen weakened core and pelvic floor muscles and stretch shoulder muscles that are tight from holding baby. Yoga can help new mothers relax and restore tired bodies and minds as they learn to care for their little one. 

"Truly epic 36 hour labor but all natural delivery according to plan. There is no way I could've endured such a marathon event without your teaching and my regular yoga practice--especially squats, and bridges, but mostly those squats!"
~ Kat R.

"Your style of teaching and your approach with students is really inspiring. I've learned so much from your lecture and your class already."
~Katie Mullins

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