What our clients are saying:

"Working with Brittany was an awesome experience for both my partner and myself. Since we are new to parenthood I was definitely glad to have her as a guide in such  uncharted territory. Both helpful and encouraging, choosing Brittany as our doula was one of the first decisions I made as a parent that I couldn't be prouder of because to have someone that you both trust and have confidence in at this important first step is absolutely priceless. 

Because we are both very relaxed to begin with it was lovely to have her with us and helped to create an environment that was stress free and positive. My partner was so glad to have someone there with him, and together they cheered me on through all the surprise and joy that giving birth has to bring. 

Leading up to the birth day, she was always available to answer any questions a impending mom may have on her mind.  She was patient and thoughtful no matter how simple or complex the inquiry.  It was with wonderment and open heart I happily gave birth to my son with help from some amazing birth partners, and I am thrilled to say that Brittany was one of them. "  
~Dawn Williams, October 2015, Found also on DoulaMatch.net

"Brittany is an amazing doula!  She and I met when I attended her prenatal yoga classes at Yoga District in 2013, when I was pregnant with my first.  I enjoyed her classes so much that I knew she would be the right fit for me when I had my second.  She is very knowledgeable and extremely kind and patient.
I can't say enough good things about her! She helped us have the most amazing birth experience, 
and we feel very lucky to have her with us every step of the way. Thank you Brittany!"  
~Melissa Miller, November 2015, Found also on Facebook

"A pregnant friend recently asked my husband Nathan and I: "if you could choose only one--childbirth classes OR doula--for a natural childbirth, which would we choose?" We think both are important, but if faced with the choice, we said DOULA, hands down. Brittany was the support we needed for the birth of our precious Louise born July 18th, 2015. Brittany has a calming demeanor, a knowledgable and steady mind, and a warm and generous heart. 

She offered effective labor positions, provided exactly the right touch when needed (like this AMAZING leg-shake she did when my contractions bothered me most in my thighs), and she held my hands and gave me eye contact through the worst of it (transition) when that was exactly what I needed without being able to verbalize. In fact that was Brittany's best quality: anticipating my needs BEFORE I could verbalize them, and especially when I wasn't ABLE to verbalize them. 

She was there and she was doing exactly what my body wanted and needed. And she supported Nathan all the way, too. He wasn't pushed away from his husband-couch role at all. Instead, she empowered him and gave him breaks when he needed. After it was all over and Louise was here, we couldn't thank Brittany enough.
We HIGHLY recommend having a doula, and not just any doula--we highly recommend BRITTANY!
~Christin Ross, August 2015, Found also on Facebook

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